Dr.Kamini Mehta practises exclusively as a pediatric nephrologist. She sees only those children who have kidney problems. Her out patient clinic is situated in the centre of the city of Mumbai. In her Kidney care Clinic for children situated in Matunga (Central Railway) 5 minutes away from Dadar, she sees out door patients from Monday to Friday. Her first appointment starts at 4 pm. She devotes enough time to each patient. First she takes detailed history from the parents or the care takers. Then she examines the child in great detail. She examines urine of each child during every visit. Then she discusses the disease investigations necessary & the treatment options with the parents. During this time the child is occupied in either playing, drawing or colouring. Parents are then explained, educated & counselled before they leave the clinic. 

Those patients who need admission & care inside the hospital, Dr.Kamini Mehta is attached to Lilavati hospital, H.N. Hospital & for those who can not afford indoor services can be given at KEM hospital.

Those children who require dialysis Dr.Kamini Mehta is providing both Hemodialysis as well as Peritoneal Dialysis at above hospitals. For those children who have end stage renal failure (ESRD) Dr.Kamini Mehta provides option of kidney transplant also which is the long term solution for the problem of ESRD 

Clinic : 102, Temple Avenue, 3rd Floor, Deodhar Road, Matunga (CR), Mumbai 400019

Time: 4 to 6 pm (Mon. To Fri.)

Tel no: 022 24117711 Mobile: 9821635917

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