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My son dhiwyansh ruia was diagnosed with RTA (detected coz he was not achieving milestone) and bi-lateral VUR grade III (detected coz he was having freq fever) when he was 11 months old in Surat. we were shattered coz we havent heard of these diseases.
Dr. Kamini Mehta was recommended by a senior nephrologist in mumbai. That was a wonderful step forward for dhiwyansh because under her caring and very practical supervision he started his way on recovery on both RTA and VUR front. 
Dr. Mehta is very understanding and very considerate doctor and is always a pleasure to meet to. Dhiwyansh started with his bi-carb level at 17 and now with her guidance is touching 26 he was on max pills(18 a day) of sodamint tablets and now has come down to 8 pills a day . I would recommend her to every parent seeking a pediatric nephrologist.
warm regards,

Suraj Ruia. 


Our son is 6 yrs old. He was diagnosed with Nephrotic syndrome (Kidney ailment) at the age of 2. Ever since then we have been consulting Dr Kamini Mehta for his treatment. She has been extremely patient with all our queries. She evaluates our child's condition and is very open to us about the different medicines available. She also explains as to why she has pted for a particular medicine and also mentions its side effects. Our personal opinion is that she is an expert in steroid management, which is essential for NS patients.
We were extremely anxious when our child was put on Endoxan (cyclophosphamide). It was only her management of the medicine and counseling that helped us sail through this difficult period of his treatment without any side effects.
She is a very positive person and every time we visit her, the positivity rubs on to us as well. With her, we feel our child is in safe hands.  May God bless her with a very long and a healthy life, so that she is able to treat many more children who need her care and expertise.

Name of the child - Shlok G Nair


Dr. Kamini Mehta is the purest example of what a doctor should be. We have been under her medical care and expert guidance for over 3 years now, for the treatment of our son who has Nephrotic Syndrome. She has walked with us, hand in hand through thick and thin, patiently explaining every aspect of our son’s condition, discussing every treatment, it’s effects, potential side effects, benefits etc. Never one to rush into increasing medicine doses, she is the most careful planner when it comes to introducing medicines to children and she does so in the most meticulous, scientific and humane manner. 
We have spent hours with her in conversation which doesn’t necessarily revolve around medicine. She has guided us not only scientifically during our testing times, but also emotionally and we are deeply grateful to her for that. We would like to express our most sincere, heartfelt thanks to Dr. Kamini Mehta Sameer and Rizwana Chhapra
We would like to express our most sincere, heartfelt thanks to Dr. Kamini Mehta

Sameer and Rizwana Chhapra


Kamini mehta is a very good doctor. After meeting her all my daughter problems were solved with her treatment in a simple way as other doctor didn't advice that . I m very much satisfied with her. she is doing a very great job.

Sunita jain mother of prisha jain

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