Pediatric Kidney Specialist

Although your primary care physician (PCP) is trained to handle a wide range of health conditions, a kidney doctor has been trained as an expert in kidney function and diseases of the kidney.

5 reasons why Children with kidney problems should be taken to kidney specialists ?

  1. This will help the parents to understand their child s problem properly
  2. They will get proper guidance for further investigations which need to be done
  3. They would be guided for proper treatment
  4. They can get fair idea about side effects/ effects of the medicine
  5. They would know the long term impact of the present problem

If child kidney doctor takes on the path of education and prevention then the cost what you pay is much lesser and the benefits are much higher

So don't be late in consulting a child kidney doctor if your child has kidney problem

Dr. Kamini Mehta For children with kidney problems parents need a kidney

  • Gives time
  • Listens to them properly
  • Understand them
  • Guide them properly
  • And counsel them for preventing the problems in future.

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